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A print of this same photo, signed by Sean Connery, is currently on display as part of 2014 James Bond Watches exhibit at National Watch & Clock Museum. Exhibit curated by Dell Deaton. Original image from “Dr No,” featured wristwatch is Rolex 6538 Submariner diver.


Sean Connery

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Hasselblad Moon Camera Sale Soars Sky High Despite Questions About History

And yet masses of fanboys naively accepted claims of a screen-worn James Bond watch having been found the other year at rummage sale.

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PVD James Bond watch, The Living Daylights model: TAG Heuer 980.031 “Night-Dive” offered for sale on eBay.

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No, this isn’t a review of …

… but the description is spot-on in terms of the way I approach my research and content presentation, and why there’s no need to spend any effort on the Internet forums where little evidence of intelligence or commitment to persuit of authenticity can be found.

Each of his proposed “Liberty Amendments” [re Radio talk show host Mark Levin’s new book, which I haven’t read and about which I take no position otherwise here] is laid out in a brief chapter that explains its importance, sources it to the writings of the Founding Fathers, and anticipates the more reasonable objections that would likely be raised.  Little time is wasted on the unreasonable objections, for Levin does not intend to address an audience of the stupid, greedy, or hysterical.  He also knows his statist adversaries are not interested in rationally discussing the death of the Leviathan they nourished for generations.

Hat tip: John Hayward, Human Events

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James Bond Watches Blog - Accept no substitutes.

Today: Part 2 of 3 on discovery of the very first James Bond movie watch, a Gruen Precision model worn by Sean Connery in Dr No, 1962.

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The first movie-Bond wristwatch was made by Gruen: It was a Gruen Precision watch model with sub-seconds dial, to be exact. That’s what actor Sean Connery was wearing as James Bond in the earliest scenes filmed and seen on screen in Dr No (1962).

Read more about this original, exclusive research finding on James Bond Watches Blog this week.

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James Bond Watches Blog - Accept no substitutes.

Next Monday: Add another new brand name to the list of James Bond watches!

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This is a nice summary of the thinking that’s led me to so many James Bond watch identifications, against countless others so often so tragically wrong.

In a nutshell: They fall in love with their own biases, the noise of their keyboard clicks when pontificating, the prettiness of the images they’ve stolen for posting to their blogs.

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You already knew those self-proclaimed “James Bond watch” experts were unethical cheats. Their “definitive lists” and model number identifications merely copied from the real, original work of others.

Without the courtesy of credit. And, more importantly: The legal right to post that hard work on their sites, be it blog or Internet forum.

You knew it, but maybe you weren’t sure why. By law. This video explains all of that. In detail. Clearly.

And the next time you see their legally vacuous whines about “fair use” and “public service,” think about the money they’re making from the ads you had to trip over to read their content. Those ads say it all: Their stolen content draws you in and supports their ability to sell ads to make them money.

And they really expect you’re gonna trust that sort?

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Make them show their work

Saw something on Google+ last week about an app to help school kids better credit research they source from the Internet.

Obviously a lot of websites, forums, and blogs that could only have gotten the content of their “definitive” James Bond watch lists from my original work could benefit from that technology.

Well— that, after a course in ethics, and Common Courtesy 101.

Meantime, as a gesture of good will, I’ve started updating my primary James Bond Watches website with “validation” references. So, next time you see someone lay claim to a list of James Bond watches, have them tell you where they got their information.

Dell Deaton